Project Description

WordPress Developer

Techno Reno Maple Home Inc

Technical Information

Languages Used:

  • SQL

  • PHP

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • CSS

Software Programs Used:

  • FileZilla

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator


WordPress Developer


September 2019


Techno Reno Maple Home Inc | Feifei Digital Ltd


Techno Reno Maple Home in website was created using WordPress.

We provide clean, safe and cost-effective residential and commercial storage in British Columbia. If you need a safe, clean, and inexpensive place to store your possessions while you are in the midst of moving


Creating a Base Template

The website was developed using the G5 Plus Move Co Theme.

Slack and Google Drive

Throughout the project, I used Google Drive to save files and images between the team members and clients. This meant making sure the documents and images were properly organized.

I communicate with everyone through Slack in order to provide quick comments and feedback.


While creating the website we had to make sure we stuck within the brand guidelines meaning using the colors blue, black, white and orange.


Overall, the WordPress website was created to help promote their company so customers can find them online.