Project Description


The Lifestyle Protector 2018

Technical Information

Software Used:

  • Illustrator


  • April 2018


The Lifestyle Protector | Lynn Williams

Number of Pages:

  • 1

Hours Spent:

  • 3 hours


The Lifestyle Protector believes that financial planning should be an encouraging and empowering experience. She wants to help others learn how to do more with thier money, save for a big purchase, protect their lifestyle with the right insurance, implement a tax saving strategy or maximize their investments.


Creating a Base Template

Before starting Lynn and I sat down and thought of a plan on how we would organize the pages. This ment brain storming and writing various drafts before finally coming to a conclusion.


The logic was to make sure the pages were organized appropriately. This means making sure the proper page names and links were added.


We wanted to make sure we kept in mind that for websites google only indexs the first 3 levels of a websites. This means we had to carefully plan out what pages will go in what level.


In the end we were able to come up with 3 levels of pages along with various links that will be added to each page.