Project Description

Newsletter April 2019

Marketing – Stone Fox Hair

Technical Information

Software Programs Used:

  • Photoshop

  • Mailchimps


April 28, 2019


Stone Fox Hair | Legendary Social Media


The newsletter was created for Stone Fox Hair they believe everyone can have great hair, and they endeavor to deliver with every appointment. Great hair outlast their fresh-from-the-salon selfie. It’s user-friendly hair that fits the customer’s lifestyle with ease. Truly great hair breeds the kind of understated confidence that makes the clients feel like their best self, every. single. day.


Creating a Base Template

The newsletter was created using MailChimp. Mailchimps is a full-service, budget-priced, email newsletter management including the sourcing of engaging content perfectly matched to the interest of their contacts.


The Newsletter was created to compliment the style of the business website and include the business logo, website colors, and images. Every month a newsletter was created with fresh, engaging content perfectly matched to the interest of the contacts.


Overall, the newsletter was created to help inform clients who signed up about what Stone Fox Hair has been up to and the events coming up.