Project Description

Landing Page Design and Development for World Sleep Congress 2019

Fatigue Science

Technical Information

Software Used:

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Wishpond

  • Vimeo


  • September 23 – 25 2019


Fatigue Science | World Sleep Congress 2019

Number of Pages:

  • 1 landing page

  • 1 pop up

Hours Spent:

  • 3 hours


The landing page and popup was created by Monika Szucs for the World Sleep Congress 2019 Vancouver Convention Center for Fatigue Science


Creating a Base Template

The landing page was created using Wishpond for the World Sleep Congress 2019 for Fatigue Science happening at the Convention Center.


While creating the landing page I had to keep in mind their brand colors using white, black and orange.

The landing page also had to have a count down to the next live stream. This means I had to include a form in order for emails to be sent out to the registrants about the live streams. The landing page also included a promo video and a link to the previous live stream or current live stream happening.


In the end I was able to create a popup on the Fatigue Science website and a landing page which linked to the live streams and sign up form.