Project Description


Graphic Design – National Geographic

Technical Information

Software Programs Used:

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Indesign


  • March 2017


  • MDIA 2003 | Project 1 | Wim Teuling

    British Columbia Institute of Technology | Digital Design and Development Diploma


This is a National Geographic Magazine I created in Indesign. I used grids to help with the alignment and Illustrator and Photoshop to help with the designs.

I created the National Geographic on the Mandarin Duck. I wanted to create a magazine on the mandarin duck because I thought they were colorful and would look great in a magazine. I also wanted to try something new when designing. I saw a lot of potential in a variety of colors and font choices because of the way a mandarin duck looks. From looking at the duck it gave me the impression it was graceful and modern. I also read into how the ducks are a symbol of freedom, flexibility and adaptability



While creating the National Geographic Magazine I had to first create a wireframe. This wireframe shows where the images will be places, where the text boxes will be and the amount of white space on each page. It was important for me to think about how to place the text because I needed to make sure it was clean and easy to read. It is not just about how you layout everything it is also about making sure readers can read what they are looking at without getting lost.


I decided to go with the font called Dosis throughout the entire Magazine. This font is a simple, rounded, sans-serif font. It gave me a variety of different weights to the font which is why i only stuck to one. I felt this font matched well with the mandarin duck because they are bother clean and modern looking.


Throughout the entire planning process I set priorities, set goals, evaluated and reviewed. In the end I created an organized and modern layout. To get the layouts properly done I researched various National Geographic pages. Along the same lines, I also adding some new layouts to create modern look.