Project Description

PowerPoint for Radical Change, the Quiet Way By Debra E Meyerson

Implementing Strategic Change

Technical Information

Software Used:

  • PowerPoint

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop


  • June 2021


BCIT ORGB 8600 Implementing Strategic Change

Number of PowerPoint’s:

  • 1

Hours Spent (Research + Design):

  • 40


I took the ORGB 8600 Course for my Bachelor of Business Administration at BCIT. In this course I had to read Radical Change, the Quiet Way by Debra E Meyerson. I was in a Team of 4. Within this team we had to present our findings in a form of a PowerPoint.


As a team we first had to write a report. The reported turned out to be around 40 pages long. The teacher wanted the presentation to be around 20 minutes or less. We had to converted the report into a short PowerPoint presentation. We divided the work up evenly as a team. I worked on writing a few sections but I did the entire Graphic Design portion of the PowerPoint Presentation.