Project Description

Audits and Competitive Keyword Research

The Lifestyle Protector

Technical Information

Software Used:

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • PageSpeed Insights

  • Word


  • May 2018


The Lifestyle Protector | Lynn Williams

Number of Pages:

  • 50 pages

Hours Spent:

  • 20 hours


The Lifestyle Protector helps get your money working as hard as you do with a personalized, comprehensive financial game plan. We’ll help you focus on achieving what’s most important to you. You’ll put your lazy money to work and have a way forward – even if you’re starting late.


Creating a Base Template

Before starting I had a meeting with Lynn Williams to discuss the issues on the website. She mentioned she had no proper labelling of images and keywords. Which meant I had to do research to add and change the correct elements.


While I was researching keywords I saved the keywords in a Word Document. I used Google Keyword planner to help me find the latest trends. I also tested out different words to see what popped up while I was typing in google search engine.


An audit was created while I was looking for keywords. The audit consists of page, title, SEO Title, slug, meta description and focus keyword and much more.

Google Keyword Planner

While I was using google keyword planner I was trying to look for the most popular search terms within Vancouver. This meant making sure that I found the right keywords within the Vancouver area.


In the end I was able to find the right keywords for specific pages.