Project Description



Technical Information

Software Used:

  • AppSpace

  • GIMP


  • December 2020 – February 2021



Number of GIFs:

  • 1

Hours Spent:

  • 10


At Reportex we were looking for a solution to create a Lobby Menu with a list of all the boardrooms and jobs that were taking place on a given day. During this first version we were going to connect a laptop or NUC to a monitor to display this Lobby Menu for a full screen view.


First I had make changes in Appspace. I created cards in AppSpace which was grouped by floor and location. You will need to download the Appspace App on Windows then register the computer to AppSpace.

You can upload a map of the floor plan. Then create an outline of each room using the polygon tool. You can name that area of the room and connect it to your outlook email account which contains the alias boardrooms. This will then grab all the events you create on Outlook email and show in the display as red if it is booked or green if the room is available.


In the end I was able to set up the boardroom map with the outlook calendar alias accounts. However, Reportex decided to go with an alternative option because the monthly cost with AppSpace was too much. We then decided to create version 2 of the Lobby Menu which can be seen on my portfolio website as Lobby Menu V2.