Graphic Design – Blue Marble Biomaterials Infographic

Technical Information:
Program used: Illustrator

Role: Illustrator, Visual Identity and Content Strategist

Date: January 2018

Client: Blue Marble Biomaterials


Blue Marble Biomaterials was a company I did design work for. The first projected I created was this infographic. I was given a variety on information that needed to be put as an infographic. I wanted to take part in working with them because they are a passionate team of scientists, engineers, and operators that focus on cross functional research, development and deployment of biological and green chemistry processes.



Before starting to design anything in Illustrator, I looked at various modern layouts that I could incorporate. I made rough sketches as shown below to help me figure out what I should incorporate.

I decided to create icons that symbolize the main points that the company can offer to solve the customers problems because it gives a better visual for people to identify the word with. While laying everything out, I had to think about the kerning, tracking, and leading throughout the infographic.

I used Noir typeface for the body of the infographic. This is a sans-serif font that has contemporary aesthetics that was heavily influenced by the early 20th century geometric typefaces. This font ranges from light and elegant weights that are good for small text, to extremely heavy and masculine weights for larger display sizes.

I used the Fancy, retro typescript for the title of the infographic. I chosen this font because I felt it gave the infograph character. The italic and cursive font allows the title to stand out and make the page look less uniform.

I chose the colors green and black because I felt it matched the companies colors. The green colors create more dynamic in the icons and various items in the infographic. The color green is correlated to life, renewal, nature and energy which is associated with growth, harmony and environment.


Throughout the process I needed to make sure that I communicated effectively to deliver the right results. This meant having open communication with what Blue Marble Biomaterials needed in the infographic. While looking for examples of how to design the infographic I also tried finding a way to put my own creative spin to it to make it more modern and up-to-date to help them stand out.