Poster Typographic Layout

Graphic Design – Poster Advertisement

Technical Information:
Programs used: InDesign, Illustrator

Role: Advertising Illustrator and Poster Artist

Date: March 2017

Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology – Design 2


For the Digital Design and Development Diploma, Design 2 class, we had to organize text that was given to us in a word document on a poster-type format. We weren’t allowed to add in any visuals or colors. This was a task purely based on text layout and making it interesting for people to read and look at. This meant paying attention to the spacing for leading, kerning, tracking and using one or two different fonts to give it character.


Before adding the text on the art board I had to do some research on the different types of text layouts. I got a lot of inspiration from other people’s work. I took inspiration from others to create the layout I have done. This also meant looking into the amount of white space, font size and weight on the board. Throughout the examples, I either bolded, italicized or increased the font size to high light important information.

Open Sans – Page 1 – This font has a “upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance.” It is a humanist genre of sans-serif typeface. I used this font because it is known to be good for posters. This font helps make it easier to read for the reader.

Exo – Page 2 – This is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface is has a technological/futuristic feeling while keeping its elegant design. This font is a great display face. It is also great for small text.

Josefin Slab – Page 3 – This is a open-source slab serif. It is a more modern slab serif design. This font makes an excellent display and headline font.

Cinzel – Page 4 – This is a font convey’s the ancient history of the Latin alphabet but it also has a contemporary feel to it.


In the end I was able to create a poster that was visually appealing while also conveying an important message to users. These posters aren’t just pieces of text but a visual representation of text formats. The layouts on all pages are modern and clean to make it easy for readers.