WordPress Designer

Information Architecture and User Interface Designer – Pecian Manufacturing

Technical Information:
Programs used: Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop

Role: Information Architect and User Interface Designer

Date: January 2017 – May 2017

Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology, D3 – Project 1


I created Wireframes, User Task Model, Persona’s, Questionnaires, and a Prototype for Pecian Manufacturing. I decided to take on the task of updating Pecian Manufacturing’s website. They are a company in Vancouver that make holsters for police officers, bags for people in the entertainment industry and various other customized products. They needed something that would be able to showcase/order their products and allow people to contact them.


User Task Model/Site Maps/Flows

I created a User Task model to show the steps users will take before and after they land on the website. This means explaining the primary persona I researched would be thinking, and how it will navigate around the website. I created a primary and secondary persons to help create a centralized target for the website. I needed to know how good they are at using computers and shopping online. This is why I did a questionnaire to get feedback on real customers. This helped me plan out how I should lay out each of the pages before I begin coding it. The task model help make me understand what interactions the user would go through and what the outcomes would be when someone navigated around the website.


The wireframes are all important for developing a layout and structure, creating information hierarchy, focusing on user experience, clarifying features, and saving time.


Lastly, the prototype (Medium Fidelity) showed exactly what the product will look like for the desktop, tablet and mobile versions. This will all help before I got into creating the WordPress website.


In the end I was able to create a targeted and well-organized WordPress website that worked perfectly for Pecian Manufacturing. This helps increase sales and networking. By adding Yoast, SEO plugin, the sales of products increased. After completing the visuals and planning, it made it easier when I started organizing the WordPress website.