Application Designer

Information Architecture and User Interface Designer – Connectee

Technical Information:
Programs used: Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop

Role: Information Architect and User Interface Designer

Date: January 2017 – February 2018

Client: Monika Szucs side project.


I created Wireframes, User Task Diagrams, Flows, and a Prototype for Connectee. I wanted to create Connectee because I have always loved creating videos on my spare time and going to networking events around Vancouver. What I noticed however, was that YouTubers and people in the entertainment industry aren’t fully aware yet of how they can help one another. I thought this app would be a great way to swipe and match with one another to help them on projects they wanted to complete. This is important to me because I know how hard it can be to find someone with a certain skill quickly. With this app it can help reduce the time people spend finding the right people and they can spend more time on completing their projects.


Site Maps/Flows

I created the sitemap to make sure that each page had a reason. This will help with simpler tracking and crawling of spiders on each webpage. Second, it will be easier to understand the navigation, it helps figure out the potential marking values, and encourages higher targets traffic for each webpage. This all helped before I went on to creating the Medium fidelity (Prototypes).


Third, the wireframes created are all important for developing a layout and structure, creating information hierarchy, focusing on user experience, clarifying features, and saving time.


Lastly, the prototype (Medium Fidelity) showed exactly what the product will look like for the desktop, tablet and mobile versions. This helped with evaluating and testing the design, clarifying production, and help promoting to others.


In the end I create a well thought out plan as to what features should be included in the app I want to develop in the future. This project is still ongoing and is currently going through numerous design and content updates before I begin coding the app. the main purpose is to make sure that YouTubers and people in the entertainment industry can easily connect with one another to find the talents they need to join their team.